Don’t ask me how I got to thinking about a hyper-personalized magazine-portfolio-assistant for design success .. Who doesn’t want a digital best friend to help them show off?
It would have to be able to sell my services, products, and entertain, while helping others do the same, share files, work collectively or individually, collect research, market, and have a benchmark and stats system, like my personal digital agent.
It could sell Fine Arts
An Artist’s Life-Design Principal
With Chief Execution
It could sell website templates
An archive of my links
A strategy catalog
find a JOB, a coach, a guru, a geek..
for whatever I want to achieve
track trends, best practices
I would design things better,
I’d design myself, I would design you!
It could sell Services
I ask, where do you wanna be?
Then we sketch out a plan, and do it, with flare..
Our dreams come true.

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