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It all started in 1978 when three students inspired by their dance teacher, envisioned an organization that would give young artists the opportunity to express themselves creatively through dance. Their dance teacher who nurtured their passion for dance also encouraged Rhonda, Pamela, and Inga to continue to dance beyond their high school years. At NC State, the founders decided to continue their dancing and lived the teachings of their teacher Georgene Dye. Ms. Dye was the inspiration behind DanceVisions even though she died before its creation.

DanceVisions was founded in April 1978 and it is the first dance company to ever exist on the North Carolina State University Campus. Originally focusing on modern dance, DanceVisions has expanded its repertoire to now address most types of dance styles from African dance to jazz. This dance company has been a creative outlet for its members who see DanceVision as a site to liberate their imagination. Over the years, the faces of DanceVisionsí members have changed, but the philosophy has remained the same Among all the things that bring DanceVisions members together is their willingness to translate rhythm into motion, but also their love and passion for the art of dance.